Must Follow Financial Thought Leaders of Instagram

Assessing your finances and putting in the effort to create budgets and reduce debt can be exhausting. For many people struggling with debt, financial education was not something they were taught in school or at home. According to, 4 in 7 Americans are financially illiterate. But where can you begin learning about money?

ASSURE Debt solutions has an extensive blog with financial resources to reference for debt relief tips and tricks. Below, we gathered a list of our favorite financial thought leaders and accounts to follow on Instagram. These influencers do an excellent job of presenting easy-to-digest information on spending habits, student loan debt, credit card spending habits, and so much more. Make your Instagram scrolling productive following these accounts:

1. Financial Frugality

Jen Smith documents how her and her partner accumulated $78,000 in student loans credit card debt. They were able to pay off this debt within two years, and share many of their tips on Frugal Living. Follow along for a lot of inspirational content on debt repayment and ways to make extra payments on student loans.

2. Be Worth Finance

Kimberly Hamilton is the creator behind Beworth Finance. If you’re looking for quick tips and tricks on spending your money, repaying student loan debts, and making short lifestyle changes to become debt-free, this is a must follow account.

3. Money to the Masses

Money from the Masses goes a bit further than fundamental financial hacks. Up your financial literacy beyond debt relief and savings by avoiding common financial mistakes and WHY they are mistakes. They also offer a podcast, and they often have experts weigh on in debt solutions.

4. Vest Pod

Emilie Bellet, is the founder of Vest Pod, is also the author of the best-selling You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich. On this account you will find a lot of humor, encouragement, and real life stories relating to finance. Every Sunday she sends out a quiz where you can put your financial literacy skills to the test.

The first step to ending the cycle of debt is speaking with an expert. ASSURE Debt Solutions’ team of experts are ready to help you today.

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